NHL scouting to change dramatically in coming years

With seemingly more and more being written every day about the NHL’s inability to consistently draft well, word has leaked out that teams might finally be changing their approach to how they scout players. However, it is not going to be down the path of the so called “advanced stats”, it will instead focus on a more visual method. One team’s head scout, who asked that their name not be used in this article, shed some light on what that might entail.

According to this head scout, teams will be relying exclusively on YouTube because “that shit is in HD now, so it’s really easy to watch players do their thing”. Also, it allows them to find the top players a lot easier, simply by searching “Awesome goal”, “Holy shit what a goal” or simply “asom hckey goal” on YouTube.

Apparently one executive stumbled across the scouting potential of YouTube when he wanted to look up a funny cat video he remembered seeing in 2012, and was delighted to find out YouTube had an advanced search field that allowed him to select what year he wanted to narrow it down to. Teams are reportedly excited about getting to look up “2015 awesome junior hockey goal” in order to set their rankings. “It’s going to change the entire course of our team” explained one assistant GM, who is already looking forward to signing Robbie Schremp, who they now believe was “the one that got away.”



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