Alabama’s hatred of the Canucks attributed to one man


As many people discovered several days ago thanks to Reddit, the Vancouver Canucks are apparently the most hated team in Alabama, a state noted for the fact it has almost nothing to do with hockey. Theories began forming as people in BC tried to explain why this was the case. The top theories presented were:

– Twins scare them. Red headed twins scare them even more.

– Ryan Kesler once took a bad poop in the Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham during a vacation and forgot to flush.

– The blue on the jerseys upsets them, as they prefer more a more autumn color palette.

In the end, however, it came down to the only vote cast from Alabama. A man named Josh Burkman, from Montgomery was behind it. “I clicked on it when I was looking up how to grill bear flank properly. I started off looking up “bear hunting” which lead me to some guy named David Booth, which led me to some poll asking which team I hated the most, and I clicked “Vancouver” arbitrarily. You know how it is on the internet. If it makes them Vancouver guys feel any better, three hours later I was knee deep in voting on best “Dragon based erotica novels” from 2013. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing on the internet sometimes.”

For the record, “Puff my Magic Dragon” ended up winning that poll.


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