Montreal takes PK to arbitration, GM Marc Bergevin offers up explanation as to why

The Montreal Canadiens and defenseman PK Subban were unable to come to terms on a new deal before their scheduled arbitration hearing today, which leaves the fate of Subban’s contract in the hands of the arbitrator (assuming no deal is reached before the arbitrator announces her decision). Fans of the team are obviously very nervous, as Subban is only two years away from UFA status,and without their star defenseman locked up long term, and with an arbitration process thrown in, it has many people wondering if Montreal has damaged their relationship with Subban. After all, PK was signed to a bridge deal in order to “prove himself” and he went out and did just that, yet Montreal still won’t pay up, leaving many fans confused by the seemingly tight fisted Montreal Canadians.  Marc Bergevin, however, was quick to explain what happened.

“Here’s the thing guys, I was all set to do a contract with PK, I phoned his agent up, his cell reception was kind of shitty, but we had to get a deal done, so we started talking. We’re trying to nail down a price we’re both comfortable with, things are getting heated, then his agent says “Let’s go to Arby’s!” to which I say “That’s a god damn delicious idea, let’s do that.” He goes “Are you serious, you seriously want to do this?” and I go “I never joke about Arby’s, I’ve been dying to go to Arby’s!” to which he gets even angrier about, which I found weird, but whatever. He hangs up, I go to Arby’s, he never shows up, then I find out a day later he said “arbitration” not Arby’s. The good news is I had a delicious sandwich with curly fries. The bad news is I probably really fucked up this PK Subban situation. I’m not very good at my job guys.”

A spokesman for Arby’s said they were very pleased by Bergevin’s love of their food, but could not comment about the state Subban’s contract due to the fact they’re “a fast food chain, why are you asking us about an NHL players contract?”.



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