Buffalo Sabres re-sign Luke Adam despite accusations that he is Harold Druken.

Buffalo announced they have re-signed 24 year old Luke Adam to a one year deal today. Adam, a forward who has played at the fringe of a weak Sabres roster for several seasons,has been dogged by rumors his entire career that he is in fact Harold Druken in disguise, trying to get one more shot at the NHL.

“That is just absurd!” exclaimed Adam, who was caught by reporters at a local hat store “Hat’s Awesome!”. “Why do people think we’re the same person?? He’s from, where? St. Johns? OK, one coincidence. But did he have a pretty solid junior career as a goal scorer? Wait, he did? Well did he have a semi-promising rookie year that he never followed up on and bounced back between the AHL and the NHL? God damn it. Well does he have this goofy Newfy face like I do?? Ah shit.”

Buffalo Sabres GM Tim Murray did not return any calls, citing his need for time off to work on his “bad ass drafting face.”



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