Winnipeg Jets figure out way to drive up UFA signings

Keaton Ellerby was a Winnipeg Jet last season,  who when his contract ran out, became a UFA when the Jets decided not to qualify him at the end of the season. Fast forward to today, and reports are coming out that the Jets have signed Ellerby to a one year deal.

“For us, it was simple, really” explained Jets GM Cheveldayoff. “People always complain ‘oh Kevin, you never sign any free agents, oh Kevin, you never trade anyone’, well guess what, today we did. Using this system we are hopeful we can re-sign many RFA’s turned UFA’s, thus proving Winnipeg is a hot bed of change and activity.”

Cheveldayoff also hopes to find a team he can trade Evander Kane to, who will then turn around and trade Kane straight back to him a day later, to help “prove all the naysayers wrong that [he] can’t make a big trade.”


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