Cody Franson hopes to sign 1 year deals for the rest of his career

Cody Franson has once again signed a one year deal to play in the NHL. Coming off of two straight seasons where he played on a one year deal, Franson turned the hat trick yesterday by signing yet another one year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“It’s the perfect sort of deal for me, to be honest” explained Cody. “It says “the team doesn’t trust you enough to give you long term stability” which is great, because then it allows me to go out and try and prove them wrong. It’s like, every day I get to start off knowing they don’t believe in me, which is a good thing, because that fuels me to try harder. It fuels me to try and show them they’re wrong. IT FUELS ME, DOESN’T IT DAD? DOESN’T IT? I DON’T WANT TO THROW OUT THE GARBAGE BEFORE BED!” screamed Cody, before leaving the press area in tears.

Dave Nonis was not available for comment but was later seen tweeting about Outkast, leaving many to wonder why Dave wasn’t available.



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