One GM explains lack of interest in Michael Del Zotto

Although Michael Del Zotto has seen his stock plummet in recent years, many people are still curious how the d-man finds himself without a contract this late into NHL free agency. One might expect it has something to do with Del Zotto wanting too much money. Watching players like Statsny and Cammalleri cash in might have Del Zotto wanting to wait it out until a team gets desperate and starts throwing money at him.

Or perhaps the belief is that his skill set has eroded past the point of being viable in the NHL, what insiders call “Cam Barkering” yourself (on the West Coast, it’s called “Ryan Parenting” yourself if you’re from the East). Well according to one GM, it’s for a much simpler reason.

“It’s his god damn name, it’s got spaces in it, that’s a bitch to get made at the jersey distributor. They always want more money for the space, and then we argue “it’s a god damn space, how can you charge for a space!” then they come back at us with “well that’s how it works in soccer!” and then we go “well this is hockey, not soccer!” then they counter with “it’s way harder to line up the name so it’s centered” and that’s when I usually just hang up the phone. It’s not worth the effort. Maybe if he changed his last name to Zotto we could work something out, I don’t know.”





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