NHLPA considering kicking out active player?

According to multiple reports, the NHLPA is considering making the unprecedented move of kicking out an active player from its membership. The man in question? Christian Ehrhoff.

“It’s just, every day he calls us up and goes ‘we have to strike, we have to get more compliance buyouts in the league’. Every single day. In fact, he just called me up before I talked to you, going ‘you don’t understand, double dipping is the future, man. Get a huge contract, play like garbage, get bought out, sign with the Penguins, rack up the points, get another huge contract, then get bought out again…. we could possibly triple dip!’ Like, I get it, congrats on getting paid by multiple teams, but we can’t strike, we have an agreement in place. I think his basic misunderstanding of how contracts work has become a real issue for him. Also, who phones anyone anymore?? He calls us for everything. We’ve begged him to use e-mail but he says when he does that, he “can’t connect with our soul.” To be honest, we mostly want to kick him out because of stuff like that. He says creepy shit all the time.”


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